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FASS Statement on FDA Cloning Report

  8/5/2004  Molecular marker assisted selection document - ISB
FAO has published a biotechnology-related summary of an e-mail conference on "Molecular marker assisted selection as a potential tool for genetic improvement of crops, forest trees, livestock and fish in developing countries," which ran from 17 November to 14 December 2003.

8/5/2004  USDA told to disclose ''biopharm'' locations - Honolulu Advertiser
The federal government must reveal where companies grow genetically modified pharmaceutical crops in Hawai'i, a judge ruled yesterday.

8/5/2004  EU: Greens say EU's GMO authorisation process is undemocratic -
The European Commission has rejected claims from the European Parliament’s Green group that the EU's authorisation process for genetically modified organisms is undemocratic.

8/5/2004  Cats and 17 other creatures to get genes sequenced - Reuters
U.S. government researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute were cited as saying on Wednesday that house cats, orangutans, elephants and slime mold are among 18 new species chosen to have their DNA sequenced in detail, joining the rat, mouse, dog and chimpanzee in the growing menagerie of animals having their genomes sequenced.

8/5/2004  Fish cell transplants could prevent extinctions - Reuters
Japanese scientists at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology were cited as reporting in the science journal Nature on Wednesday they have created trout whose fathers were salmon in an experiment that they say may help preserve endangered species and boost the world's fish supplies.

7/30/2004  Cattlemen oppose anti-GMO initiatives- California Cattlemen's Association
Citing adequate federal oversight and a dangerous precedent, members of both the California Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) Board of Directors and the CCA Feeder Council recently passed policy expressing adamant opposition to current local initiatives seeking prohibitions on genetically modified organisms (GMO) used in agricultural production.

7/29/2004  Update on the Sonoma County, California Anti Ag Biotech Ballot Initiative - Santa Rosa CA Press Democrat
A proposed ballot initiative that would place a countywide ban on genetically modified plants, livestock and fish will not appear on the November ballot, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors decided Tuesday.

7/29/2004  Safety of Clones in Food Supply Underscored in National Academy of Sciences Report - Business Wire
The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) once again endorsed the safety of cloned animals in the food supply in a report released yesterday on possible unintended effects of genetically engineered foods. The report clearly states that 'there is no scientific evidence that cloning is associated with any unintended compositional change that results in an unintended health consequence in humans.'"(1)

7/29/2004  Botanical extract found to completely inhibit the bird flu virus (H5N1) - PRB Press Release
PRB Pharmaceuticals (PRB) and Lee's Pharmaceuticals (Lee's) announced today the discovery that PRB'S patent pending botanical extract, V38-AMF-1, completely inhibits bird flu (H5N1) and Fujian Flu (H3N2) infections in vitro.

7/29/2004  Treating both swine diets and manure can slash phosphorus runoff - ARS
Feeding phytase to swine, combined with adding aluminum chloride to their manure, can cut phosphorus pollution of water by as much as 70 percent, according to a study by Agricultural Research Service scientists and cooperators.

7/29/2004  Environmentalists, animal rights activists can't decide what to think about new sheep - Ag BioView
The first research of its type in Australia has concluded that genetically modified sheep are capable of growing specialized wool which can serve as light bulb filaments. However, the findings have provoked a furious muddle among activists who can't decide on what grounds, if any, to condemn the project.

7/27/2004  Composition of Altered Food Products, Not Method Used to Create Them, Should Be Basis for Federal Safety Assessment - National Academies Press Release
Federal agencies should assess the safety of genetically altered foods -- whether produced by genetic engineering or by other techniques, such as conventional breeding for desirable traits -- on a case-by-case basis to determine whether unintended changes in their composition could adversely affect human health, says a new report from the National Academies' National Research Council and Institute of Medicine.

7/26/2004  FDA says Monsanto biotech wheat safe for consumers - Reuters
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has determined that genetically modified wheat made by Monsanto Co. was safe for human and livestock consumption, an agency spokesman said.

7/26/2004  USDA regulatory policy has been ''hijacked'' by agribusiness industry - US Newswire
A new report released today finds that regulatory policy at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been "hijacked" by the agribusiness industry, which has seen to it that many key policymaking positions at the agency are now held by individuals who previously worked for the industry.

7/26/2004  Interobactors could be new friends of farmers - Ahmedabad Newsline
The Bio-Diversity department of the M S University (MSU) has come out with an effective, organic and a more natural alternative for fertilisers to be used by farmers: use of bacteria and micro-organisms.

7/26/2004  ICMR wants overhaul of GM foods regulation - Financial Express
The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has raised some concerns over the safety of genetically modified (GM) food and has urged for an overhaul of the existing regulatory mechanism.

7/26/2004  ARS suggests curbing myostatin might be key to better cuts of beef -
A report released last week from the Agricultural Research Service unveiled genetic strategies to help promote leaner and more flavorful cuts of beef from cattle.

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